Having been in business since 1981, Creative Cakes prides itself on the quality of the businesses it associates itself with. Listed below are links to some of the best service providers for the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area.  They have earned our endorsement through their quality work, professionalism, and outstanding customer service. 

Association of Wedding Professionals  
With a commitment to ethics and professionalism, this not for profit organization's website has information for brides and grooms planning a DC area wedding.   Their membership roster is posted along with many helpful articles on wedding planning.   Creative Cakes has been a member for many years.  

NACE is the oldest and largest professional association that addresses all aspects of the catering industry.  


Travel Dimensions  (301) 570-0263  


Bayside Limousine (301) 352-0000


Irina's Art Studio
The ultimate way to preserve your special day-- by capturing your celebration on canvas as the event takes place.  Once you are presented with your painting, you will have an heirloom to cherish forever!

Biallek's Music (301) 258-9382
The most exciting and dynamic bands and party entertainment in the Washington and Baltimore area for 25 years.  Whatever your entertainment needs, from bands to soloists to ensembles to specialty groups, Bialek's has the talent to make your event a smashing success.  

Entertainment Exchange (888) 986-4640
One of the premier entertainment agencies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Oracle Band  (301) 258-9382
An independent, four piece variety wedding band with a huge repertoire, this band / DJ combination packs a full sound into a small space...and is easy on the pocketbook as well.  They perform regular public performances and have an extensive website filled with information on the band, their schedule, rates, songlist, and much more 

Retrospect Band (301) 831-5700 
A nine piece band with full horn section, this group plays music from the 30s through today, all at a volume that even your grandparents will appreciate.  Not available through any agency! 

Washington Talent Agency (301) 762-1800
One of the DC area's oldest and largest talent agencies, WTA has everything from bands and DJs to magicians, caricaturists, and a really cool robot!   


Exclusive Elegance by Elise  301-249-5546  


The Bagelry Silver Spring (301) 384-2322
The Bagelry in Silver Spring is a full-service deli and bagel shop that has been making the best bagels in Colesville for over 30 years. We use a time-tested recipe for our mouth-watering, freshly baked bagels, that has been making people come back for three decades. If you are looking for our fantastic creations at your next event, we offer catering services including all our great sandwich options and bagel toppings.

8814 Brookville Road
Silver Spring, MD  20910
Monday - Friday  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday:  9:00 am - 1:00 pm    |    Sunday: Closed
(301) 587-1599

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