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Creative Cakes Cooks

Baking Camps

Ages 7-18


Winter Dates Coming Soon!


$375 Per Camper

(Includes all ingredients, supplies, and a tasty take-home each day)


Join us as we explore the wonderful world of baking!  We'll learn basic baking and pastry techniques.  Topics will include cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pies, and breads.

Activities Schedule

Day 1- Cookie Classics

Learn how to review recipes.

Learn about measuring dry and wet ingredients

Learn basic mixing

Practice safe oven skills and how to know when your

         cookies are done

Fresh Baked Cookies

Day 2-  Bread Baking Basics

Learn the basics of types of bread and ingredients

Learn time, temperature, and kneading bread

Finish by making glazes for breads

Preparing a Challah

Day 3-Pretty Pies

Learn about different pie crusts and fillings

Learn how to prepare and bake the crust

Measure and cook the filling

Putting the crust and filling together for a pretty pie.

Blueberry Pie Ingredients

Day 4 - Creating Cakes

Learn how to measure for baking

Discuss using a mixer and mixing the batter

Learn about pan preparation and filling pans

Demo on testing baked batter for doneness

Strawberry Cupcake
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